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As of 1st Oct 2022

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CEO Message

Peach is an airline launched service in March 2012 with a totally new concept.

Our concept is “Flying train” and we are expanding our network and growing the business faster than ever in the history of Japanese aviation. Peach is making the impossible possible.

Peach’s goal is to be the leading LCC in Asia.

We want to make flying affordable for everyone with our remarkably low fares. Our dream is to connect people and to create a world filled with smiles and joy.
LCC became available in Japan in 2012, and the world of “Flying train” has come true and our skies are changing, in Japan and in Asia.

Since Narita Airport has become a new base for Peach in addition to Kansai Airport, New Chitose Airport, Sendai Airport, and Naha airport after completing the integration with Vanilla Air in 2019, we will continue to expand our network from the Tokyo metropolitan Area as well. As the No.1 LCC in Japan, we will also enhance International network with the goal of becoming the leading LCC in Asia.

We want to move from competing on prices to the creation of value. With safety as our highest priority, we will maintain and improve quality, create new values, and keep our fares low. Peach will continue to develop new demand not only in Japan but also in rapidly-growing Asia.

Peach will continue moving forward to become the Asia’s leading LCC.

Please stay tuned for more from Peach.



Corporate Philosophy



Corporate History

  • Feb 10

    Founded as A&F Aviation Limited

  • May 24

    Company brand announced as “Peach” New company name and address registered

  • July 7

    Obtained Air Operator’s Certificate from Japan’s Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB)

  • Nov 4

    First aircraft received in Toulouse, France, purchased from Airbus

  • Nov 30

    Capital increase by ANA, First Eastern and INCJ

  • Dec 27

    Commencement of tickets sales

  • Mar 1

    First commercial flight (Osaka-Sapporo & Osaka-Fukuoka route)

  • Mar 25

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Nagasaki route

  • Apr 1

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Kagoshima route

  • May 8

    First International flight (Osaka/Kansai – Seoul/Incheon route)

  • Jul 1

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Hong Kong route

  • Oct 16

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Taipei (Taoyuan) route

  • Oct 18

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Okinawa (Naha) route

  • Nov 29

    Number of Passengers Exceeds 1 Million

  • Mar 1

    Number of Passengers Exceeds 1.5 Million

  • Apr 12

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Sendai route

  • May 7

    Number of Passengers Exceeds 2 Million

  • Jun 14

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Ishigaki route

  • Sep 13

    Launch Okinawa (Naha) – Ishigaki route/ Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Busan route

  • Sep 17

    Number of Passengers Exceeds 3 Million

  • Sep 20

    Launch Okinawa (Naha) – Taipei (Taoyuan)

  • Oct 27

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Tokyo (Narita) route

  • Jan 18

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Kaohsiung route

  • Feb 1

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) – Matsuyama route

  • Apr 28

    Number of Passengers Exceeds 5 Million

  • Jul 19

    Launch Fukuoka – Okinawa (Naha) route

  • Jul 19

    Naha Airport becomes Second Hub

  • Aug 14

    Number of Passengers Exceeds 6 Million

  • Nov 24

    Number of Passengers Exceeds 7 Million

  • Feb 21

    Launch Okinawa (Naha)- Hong Kong route

  • Mar 29

    Launch Tokyo (Narita) - Sapporo (Shin-Chitose), Fukuoka route

  • Aug 6

    Number of Passengers Exceeds 10 Million

  • Aug 8

    Launch Tokyo (Haneda) - Taipei (Taoyuan) route

  • Aug 28

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) - Miyazaki route

  • Sep 4

    Launch Okinawa (Naha) - Seoul (Incheon) route

  • Feb 6

    Launch Tokyo (Haneda) - Seoul (Incheon) route

  • Feb 20

    Launch Tokyo (Narita) - Okinawa (Naha) route

  • Nov 1

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) - Shanghai (Pudong) route

  • Nov 2

    Launch Tokyo (Haneda) - Shanghai (Pudong) route

  • Feb 19

    Launch Okinawa (Naha) - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) route

  • Sep 24

    Sendai - Sapporo (Shinchitose) route

  • Sep 24

    Sapporo (Shinchitose) - Fukuoka route

  • Sep 24

    Sapporo (Shinchitose) -Taipei (Taoyuan) route

  • Sep 25

    Sendai -Taipei (Taoyuan) route

  • Mar 1

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) - Niigata route

  • Apr 26

    Launch Okinawa (Naha) - Kaohsiung route

  • Aug 1

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) - Kushiro route

  • April 25

    Launch Sapporo (Shinchitose) - Seoul (Incheon) route

  • June 20

    Number of Passengers Exceeds 30 Million

  • October 1

    Launch Tokyo (Narita) -Amami route

  • October 27

    Launch Tokyo (Narita) -Taipei (Taoyuan), Kaohsiung routes

  • November 1

    Peach Completes Integration with Vanilla Air

  • November 25

    Launch Fukuoka -Taipei (Taoyuan) routes

  • December 26

    Launch Osaka (Kansai) -Amami route


    Launch Tokyo (Narita) - Ishigaki route

  • March 29

    Launch Tokyo (Narita) - Nagasaki,Kagoshima route

  • August 1

    Launch Tokyo (Narita) - Kushiro, Miyazaki route

  • October 25

    Launch Okinawa (Naha) - Sapporo (New-Chitose), Sendai route

  • December 24

    Launch Nagoya (Chubu) - Sapporo (New-Chitose), Sendai route

  • January 22

    Launch Nagoya (Chubu) - Okinawa (Naha) , Ishigaki route

  • February 10

    Launch Tokyo (Narita)-Memanbetsu route

  • February 19

    Launch Tokyo (Narita)-Oita route

  • October 31

    Launch Fukuoka-Ishigaki route



Corporate Profile

  • Company NamePeach Aviation Limited
  • PresidentTakeaki Mori, Representative Director & CEO
  • Scope of BusinessAir transportation business (Domestic / International)
  • Head Office1 Senshu-kuko-naka Tajiri-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka 549-0011, Japan
  • FoundedFebruary 10, 2011
  • Paid-in-Capital JPYJPY 100,000,000 (Amount of capital: JPY 100,000,000)
  • ShareholdersANA HOLDINGS INC. (77.9%),
    First Eastern Aviation Holdings Limited (7.0%),
    INCJ, Ltd.(15.1%)
    ※As of October 1st, 2022
  • Number of Employees1883 employees (as of November 1st, 2022)
  • Board of Directors

    Representative Director & CEO Takeaki Mori

    Board MemberToshiya Kimura

    Board MemberVictor Chu*

    Board MemberTadashi Matsushita*

    Board MemberAsuka Sato*

    Company Auditor
    (full time)
    Michihiro Asai
    Company AuditorAkihiko Miura

    Managing Executive OfficerSatoru Endo 
    (Chief Corporate Planning Officer)

    Managing Executive OfficerJunya Okamura
    (Chief Financial Officer)

    Excecutive OfficerNoriyuki Shimizu
    (Chief Human Resource Officer)

    Excecutive OfficerJun Maeno
    (Chief Information Officer)

    *Non-Executive Director