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Peach×Volkswagen "#PinkBeetle"


We are targeting at women in their 20s and 30s, and Volkswagen Group Japan (VGJ) collaborated for “Pink”, a project at the occasion of the first limited edition pink model of “The Beetle”, the “#PinkBeetle”.
The concept was to increase through the use of “Pink”, a color loved by women everywhere, the touchpoints and the joy of “moving” and travelling. Many media have picked up stories about our collaboration, in addition to the great response we have seen on social media, notably on the Peach’s official Facebook page.


1, Inflight sales
We are the first in Japan having offered an inflight limited-edition car, the “#PinkBeetle Peach” edition (3.07 million JPY). (Each purchase was rewarded by Peach Points valid for purchase of a Peach flight ticket at a value of 100,000 JPY.) Our cabin crew informed our passengers through inflight announcement and leaflet in the seat pocket. Many media, including aviation industry magazines, finance magazines, and automotive online media were reporting about our inflight car sales. Against our initial expectation of half a year, the 5 limited edition cars were sold out after only one and half months.

2, Aircraft wrapping
Peach aircrafts adorned with “The Beetle” and Volkswagen logo were flown on domestic and international lines for 6 months, carrying many passengers during their routes. We have also seen many passengers posting on social media such as Instagram.

The Nov 2016 and Jan 2017 issues of Peach Live, the Peach’s free magazine, reported on the collaboration via article and advertisement, 1 page each. In addition to distributing during Peach’s flights and events, the magazine was handed out at our airports and at cafes in major cities, allowing many Peach’s passengers to browse through them.