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Kinokawa in Wakayama


We collaborated with Kinokawa in Wakayama Prefecture. We created a long-term plan from Aug 2016 to Mar 2017 to promote Kinokawa’s fruits in Asia. Peach cabin crew becomes our Kinokawa Fruits Ambassador to introduce various fascinating aspects of Kinokawa’s fruits, which are cultivated with fertile soil and mild climate.


We published a special two-page cover article in Jan 20 Peach free magazine. We let the producers to introduce features and processes of their produces, covering 6 typical fruits from Kinokawa. We promoted Kinokawa’s fruits to Peach Live readers, mostly in their 20s and 30s.

From Nov to Dec 2016, we provided 2 original sorbets on flight, made with peach and fig from Kinokawa, for our inflight meal, the Peach Deli. Other than promoting the fruits, our customers from Japan and Asia were also able to taste the delights of Kinokawa first-handed.

・Naming rights
We named our aircraft the Kinokawa Fruit Kingdom Flight Service and pasted an original sticker at the front door used for embarking and disembarking. Our cabin crew introduced the special aircraft via inflight announcement. During the 2-month period, about fifty thousand customers have boarded the aircraft, popularizing fruits from Kinokawa.

・Leaflet sampling
From Nov to Dec 2016, our cabin crew distributed original leaflets on Peach inbound flights (departing from Seoul, Taipei, and Taipei, arriving at Kansai). With Kansai Airport as its main airport, Peach has promoted optimally charms of Kinokawa to visitors of Kansai.

・Original landing page
We have published Peach Cabin Crew’s Fruits Life on Peach website roughly 3 times during a 6-month period. To gather materials of the Fruits Life, we have interviewed 3 cabin crew to know more about their morning, noon, and night Fruits Lifestyle. We introduced them under the title “Lifestyle of Working Females”.