Peach Aviation



Peach Aviationの取り組み


Nut Dao, a creator from Thailand, is Peach’s Official Illustrator


Since 2016, Peach has had Nut Dao, a Thai designer, as its Official Illustrator as part of its initiative to help young Asian creator pursue their careers.
The Bangkok-based illustrator and graphic designer makes the most of his superior creativity and power of expression to create iconic illustrations of Peach aircraft, staff members, and passengers.
To ensure that our communication is easy-to-understand for everyone, we use Nut’s original illustrations in various items including airport signs, website pages, and original goods.
By providing young Asian talents with opportunities to present their works to the public, Peach aims to help develop Asian art as part of its efforts to serve as a bridge between Japan and other countries of Asia.

Nut Dao studied visual communication design at Silpakorn University and joined PRACTICAL Design Studio, a leading design office in Thailand.
The young talented illustrator and graphic designer based in Bangkok draws enthusiastic attention in Thailand’s creative industry with his superior creativity and power of expression.