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2016, 2017, 2018

Peach supports art event for young Asian creators


Peach helped organize “Unknown Asia Art Exchange Osaka,” an art event aimed at providing young
Asian creators with more opportunities.

The international art fair is organized in Osaka under the theme of “From Osaka to Asia and From
Asia to Osaka.” It is designed to help young creators from Asian countries--including Japan, China,
Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Thailand--to open up new possibilities and gain new business
opportunities. To this end, the platform allows them to display their products for sale and interact
with visitors and jury members invited from Asian countries.

Aiming to serve as a bridge between Japan and other countries of Asia, Peach helped organize the
event in the hope of providing support for young promising Asian creators. In addition to setting up
the Peach prize, we provided air tickets for overseas participants.
Peach will continue to provide support for young creative talents in Asia.